UN Child Rights

United Nations Human Rights Council logo.

United Nations Human Rights Council logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was ratified by the UK in 1991.

States are required to act “in the best interests of the child.” This is different from the common law approach in which children are ‘possessions’.

The Convention acknowledges that every child has certain basic rights, including

  • the right to life,
  • his or her own name and identity,
  • to be raised by his or her parents within a family or cultural grouping,
  • and to have a relationship with both parents, even if they are separated.

The Convention obliges states to allow parents to exercise their parental responsibilities. The Convention also acknowledges that children have the right

  • to express their opinions and
  • to have those opinions heard and
  • acted upon when appropriate,
  • to be protected from abuse or exploitation,
  • and to have their privacy protected,
  • and it requires that their lives not be subject to excessive interference.

The Convention also obliges signatory states to provide separate legal representation for a child in any judicial dispute concerning their care and asks that the child’s viewpoint be heard in such cases.


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2 thoughts on “UN Child Rights”

  1. Santa Dimante said:

    I need your help regards an innocent child who lost mother last year, grew up with her grandparents.
    But the biological father, who never cared, or visited, or paid aliments being a criminal and alcoholic, suddenly turned up.
    He is being supported by social services in latvia, who fully admitted that took child out of school she wants to go, her family she was brought up by, all psyhologist reports prove that in fathers family she was taken by force, before the last lesson in school finished amd was pulled out in tears to his car, and was taken her phone away, refused to speak with amy of her family for a week.
    The worst- social services in dobele- supports him as father, fully knowing of the abuse of the child, but continously demanded that she has to be within that family before any guardian or decision was made.
    Then when on 8Th may child was found in bruises no teacherz no director, no nurse of the school was bothered , and even when the lawyer had to calll the police out, the director refused to find the child and show to the police, as to them that was an accident, and no need to find out anything.
    The same day, child was returned by teachers themselves to the abusive family, and again further social services admitted itnis against her will, but all for her good.
    Currently again the access to speak to the child has been cut.
    I really do think this is ridiculous.

    If you could come back with some sort of advice and support, as it is unbelievable how uncaring the responsible adults are in social services, where they should care to do the best decisions for the good for the child.

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