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20141029_10550320141029_101709Remarkably courageous Laila talked about her drama not only before the EU Petitions Committee in Brussels on 19/03/2014, but also at the recent International Conference on Child Removal Proceedings in Prague.

Please note that the Prague conference re-affirmed what the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe had formulated in 2012 as Resolution 1908 on Family courts and human rights: the implementation of

  • the EU Convention on Human Rights
  • and of the UN Convention on Child Rights.

John Hemming MP writes on his blog that such a conference would not be possible in the UK, as it would be ‘contempt of court’ to talk about individual cases!

Laila reported about her latest efforts in the Royal Courts of Justice on her Facebook page.

She was in Court 40 to get four applications dealt with:

  1. I am asking the court for the transfer of the case to Latvia. This means that I am asking the court to allow the Latvian Authorities to intervene in the proceedings.
  2. I am asking the court to grant a Contact order until the case is concluded.
  3. Application for Adoption Order by potential adopters.
  4. I am opposing the application for adoption.

Even though Mrs Justice Parker proudly announced on 23 Mary 2014 in her Court that family court proceedings can now be open if the families concerned are happy with that, the signs on the door were clear: PRIVATE. NO PRESS.

The discretion of the judge is the ultimate law! 

The judge was surprised that Merton hadn’t served the court with two letters, written by the Ambassador & Minister of Justice of Latvia to the British institutions on behalf of Katya, asking permission to intervene. The answer of the barrister was merely pathetic: “I never seen / read those letters.”

The Lawyer of the Ministry of Justice of Latvia, supported by the Ambassador of Latvia, had a short speech and confirmed their willingness to intervene in the proceedings in order to transfer the case to Latvia.

The judge will make his decision regarding all the applications in December.

Anyway, support had even come from Prague – despite the rain. And the next hearing dates have been set to include another soldier in the Council’s army: a ‘guardian’. Well, we know whose side guardians are on!

Maybe it’s time for the child to be heard???

Maybe it’s time for the UK

I have expressed my current position regarding the Systemic Patterns of child snatching and forced adoptions in the UK on this blog post.

The topic is on the agenda of the next meeting of the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament in Brussels on 11/11 – a process that Laila initiated thanks to her Latvian MEP Tatjana Zdanoka.

PS. Do note the statement by the Latvian Ministry of Justice published on John Hemming MP’s blog and here.

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