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On 19 March 2014, Laila presented her petition regarding the return of her daughter to the EU Petitions Committee.

  • The official video is here.

In the same meeting, I presented the petition Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent on behalf of all children taken into ‘care’ by Local Authorities in the UK:

Seven Action Points were expressed by the Chairperson and Committee Members:

The Minutes are enshrined here and include these decisions:

  • re individual petitions: petitions to be kept open. Letters would be sent to the municipal and national authorities in the Member States involved to invite them to give their reactions to the allegations made by the petitioners and to explain their actions. A letter would be sent to Commissioner Reding to urge the Commission to act and to study ways in which it could approach cases as had been brought to the attention of the Committee in the petitions and to propose legislation accordingly.
  • re collective petition: petition to be kept open. Letters would be sent to the relevant national and local authorities in the UK, as above, to invite them to give their reactions to the allegations made by the petitioner and to explain their actions. The Members’ request for a fact finding visit to the UK and a public hearing would be referred to the coordinators.

And remember: UK courts must not decide over the fate of foreign children. This Daily Mail article was based on Sir James Munby’s judgement regarding a 12-year old Slovak boy.

More about the EU Petition on this page of the Portuguese Pedro couple who were part of the UK Delegation to Brussels.

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