LAILA in Riga and the Council of Europe as the Framework for incompatible legal systems


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For Russian speakers, will be a relief. For non-Russian speakers, know that the site was set up by Tatjana Zdanoka MEP’s assistant Lubova Hennuy who is now co-ordinating the event we are co-creating in the EU Parliament – to be watched from wherever you are: Children Screaming to be Heard – Bridging Incompatible Legal Systems across the European Economic Area – in the beginning of May.

The European Economic Area is the widest term to include

  1. the Council of Europe with 47 member states, including Russia
  2. the European Union of 28 member states
  3. the European Free Trade Association of 4 independent countries: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

The remarkable precedence was set by the Slovakian Government that was joined to the proceedings of the two Boor boys who were liberated shortly before their forced adoption, after 920 days in ‘care’. They are still traumatised — “in the best interest of the children”…

At the time, Sir James Munby made a significant judgement referring to another Slovak boy:

  • Brussels II as BIIR – which decides which country has jurisdiction:

Assuming that the court does have jurisdiction, the judge in every care case with a European dimension will need to consider whether to exercise the court’s powers under Article 15 to request the court of another member State to assume jurisdiction where (a) the child has a particular connection (as defined in Article 15(3)) with that other State, (b) the other court would be better placed to hear the case, and (c) this is in the best interests of the child.

“to inform the competent consular post without delay of any case where the appointment of a guardian or trustee appears to be in the interests of a minor or other person lacking full capacity who is a national of the sending State. The giving of this information shall, however, be without prejudice to the operation of the laws and regulations of the receiving State concerning such appointments; …”

LATVIAN SUPPORT in the Royal Courts of Justice to STOP #ForcedAdoption of Katya


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20141029_10550320141029_101709Remarkably courageous Laila talked about her drama not only before the EU Petitions Committee in Brussels on 19/03/2014, but also at the recent International Conference on Child Removal Proceedings in Prague.

Please note that the Prague conference re-affirmed what the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe had formulated in 2012 as Resolution 1908 on Family courts and human rights: the implementation of

  • the EU Convention on Human Rights
  • and of the UN Convention on Child Rights.

John Hemming MP writes on his blog that such a conference would not be possible in the UK, as it would be ‘contempt of court’ to talk about individual cases!

Laila reported about her latest efforts in the Royal Courts of Justice on her Facebook page.

She was in Court 40 to get four applications dealt with:

  1. I am asking the court for the transfer of the case to Latvia. This means that I am asking the court to allow the Latvian Authorities to intervene in the proceedings.
  2. I am asking the court to grant a Contact order until the case is concluded.
  3. Application for Adoption Order by potential adopters.
  4. I am opposing the application for adoption.

Even though Mrs Justice Parker proudly announced on 23 Mary 2014 in her Court that family court proceedings can now be open if the families concerned are happy with that, the signs on the door were clear: PRIVATE. NO PRESS.

The discretion of the judge is the ultimate law!  Continue reading

STATEMENT by Latvian Ministry of #ForeignAffairs in respect of #UKFamilyCourt case – #JohnHemmingMP


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John Hemming is the only MP who consistently criticises what is going on in UK family courts and the Court of Protection which both end up with secret prisoners.

On his blog, he reports about Laila’s country Latvia taking a stance that follows Slovakia. He links to the statement published by the Latvian Foreign Ministry.

The agent for Slovakia convened the conference in Prague that, as John Hemming MP writes, would be in ‘contempt of court’ in the UK, as it talks about individual cases: you are supposed to suffer, silently, certainly not scream – no matter whether you are a child or a parent or grandparent…

GOOD NEWS: Merton Council dropped Adoption Order due to Ambassador, Supporters & Publicity

14 04 10 Latvian Embassy 2Everyone was ecstatic and Latvian TV could film it!

There is going to be a further hearing on 29 October and we hope that this is going to be the sign of a turning of the tide.

After all, more and more people can join the dots how #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain, as it comes together into #CSAinquiry:

1. the National Inquiry into Organised Child Sexual Abuse is our big hope:

  • for victims to get compensation
  • whistleblowers to stop from being persecuted
  • survivors of sexual abuse to be heard without fear.

2. Irish Thomas Sheridan says on a radio show:

  • the UK people can now do for the UK Establishment what the Irish have achieved for the catholic church: rob them of their credibility
  • there is a golden opportunity as paedophilia has become ‘topical’.

3. In The Telegraph Claire Perry MP

4. Our appeal to the Home Affairs Committee is waiting for 

  • children to be returned from ‘care’
  • forced adoptions to be reversed
  • children and parents to be compensated. 

Is that too much to ask for all the troubles caused???

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LATVIANS appeal against Forced Adoption to UK authorities – as part of Anti ‘Juvenile Justice’ efforts


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As a journalist, Laila is well known in Latvia and well supported by the Latvian branch of Anti Juvenile Justice Agency.

Anti-Juvenile Justice Agency is a multi-lingual European non-governmental organisation (NGO) countering the outlandish concept of ‘juvenile justice’: to allow the taking of children from their parents to hand them to a ‘third party’. I can’t find which paedophile dreamt that up, but fortunately there are supporters who oppose such Draconian intrusions into parent-child bonding.

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BRUSSELS was only the beginning: a Battle FOR Children – AGAINST Forced Adoptions & Deportations


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On 19 March 2014, Laila presented her petition regarding the return of her daughter to the EU Petitions Committee.

  • The official video is here.

In the same meeting, I presented the petition Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent on behalf of all children taken into ‘care’ by Local Authorities in the UK:

Seven Action Points were expressed by the Chairperson and Committee Members:

The Minutes are enshrined here and include these decisions:

  • re individual petitions: petitions to be kept open. Letters would be sent to the municipal and national authorities in the Member States involved to invite them to give their reactions to the allegations made by the petitioners and to explain their actions. A letter would be sent to Commissioner Reding to urge the Commission to act and to study ways in which it could approach cases as had been brought to the attention of the Committee in the petitions and to propose legislation accordingly.
  • re collective petition: petition to be kept open. Letters would be sent to the relevant national and local authorities in the UK, as above, to invite them to give their reactions to the allegations made by the petitioner and to explain their actions. The Members’ request for a fact finding visit to the UK and a public hearing would be referred to the coordinators.

And remember: UK courts must not decide over the fate of foreign children. This Daily Mail article was based on Sir James Munby’s judgement regarding a 12-year old Slovak boy.

More about the EU Petition on this page of the Portuguese Pedro couple who were part of the UK Delegation to Brussels.

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